Yankee Hills Manufacturing Silencers

New Production 2008 Maxim 1911 Silencer

Stainless YHM Mite

The Maxim Woodsman Sound Suppressor from YHM

Tactical Innovations new M2QC Ruger quick barrel change system

Gemtech's New Stuff (including a take apart 22 silencer!!!)

The Gemtech Multimount

The Gemtech Tundra (1.25OD 9MM Silencer)

Gemtech Halo

The Gemtech 338 Silencer

Gemtech Prototype HK MP7 Silencer

Gemtech Oasis


SRT Arms new lightweight Titanium Silencers

SRT's 338 Silencer

The SRT Universal Typhoon Mount

The 9MM integral from SRT