Beretta 92 Ciener Conversion

by Eddie Bausch

I purchased one of Cienerís 22 caliber conversions for a Beretta Model 92 a while back and had my friend Johnnymceldoo from ARFcom thread the barrel and make an adapter so I could use my TAC 67 with it.  He is a genius on the lathe. I just described to him what I wanted and he threaded the barrel and made an adapter out of a solid chunk of stainless steel. 

The Ciener kit is made very well.  The biggest functional difference between it and the original slide is that the conversion is lacking a safety/decocker.  It does have a passive firing pin safety that will not allow the firing pin to reach the primer if the trigger is not fully depressed.  So if the hammer is manually lowered the gun can be safely carried with the hammer down or in the half cock position. The slide does not lock to the rear after the last shot either.  

With the silencer attached the sights are obscured.  In use the front sight is level with the top of the silencer. With good light this is not a big issue because you can still see the front sight and the target is put on top of it like normal.  However, as dusk came the front sight quickly disappeared.  Painting the front sight may help though. The TAC 67 is also thicker than most 22 cans at 1.1 inches.  Silencers made with a 1 inch tube still obscure nearly all of the front sight but the tip is above the can making target acquisition considerably easier. 

The magazines that are supplied with the Ciener kits are some of the best 22 mags I have seen.  All of his conversions use the same basic magazine principal and the exterior dimensions are made to fit the specific host weapon.  The magazine comes apart, with out any tools, and has a panel on the back that slides off to make cleaning easy.  They are also very easy to load.  The front of the magazine is open so the bullet can be placed in a slot stopping any side to side motion.  Then push the rear of the bullet down to compress the spring and slide it back into the feed lips. 

The kit also included a rubber recoil buffer which is a nice touch for suppressed use.  I do not notice any clanking noises from the action when shooting.  When the conversion was new I  shot a couple hundred rounds through it and reliability was good.  I did get 3 failure to feed malfunctions on the second to last round in the magazine (I have a Ruger 10-22 mag that does that too?)  and a few light primer hits.  I discovered the gun was not going fully into battery and some gun oil fixed that problem so I consider it to be operator error and not an issue with the gun.  These problems have since gone away and the gun runs very good.  The rubber buffer is showing signs of wear and will eventually have to be replaced.


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