JG Bolt Lock

The JG Bolt Lock is a drop-in bolt locking mechanism for a Ruger 10/22 rifle.  I reviewed this locking system on May 19, 2007.  I tested sound reduction both with and without the bolt lock engaged and I tested both an integrally suppressed 10/22 and a factory 10/22 with a Tactical Innovations 16.5 inch threaded barrel fitted with the AAC Prodigy silencer. 

Why use a bolt lock?

Some silencers are so quiet that the predominant noise (other than the bullet hitting the target) heard by the shooter (or bystander) is the action noise.  I have metered action noise on a 10/22 several times around 112 to 113 dB.  The hammer falling on an empty chamber usually meters at 102 to 104dB.  Dropping a pen on a desk in front of you at arms length meters around the same at your ear.  Eliminating the action noise from a Ruger 10/22 would be a great idea.  Bolt action 22LR's are rather expensive, and have no action noise during firing (other than a hammer falling).  The JG Bolt lock is less than $50. 

Testing Method

The tests were conducted using the B&K 2209 sound meter with a B&K 4136 microphone calibrated with the B&K 4220 Pistonphone.  All equipment has been certified and tested so that it can be traced back to the N.I.S.T standards.  The meter and weapon is also placed in accordance with Mil-Std 1474D protocol.  In one portion of the test, I moved the meter to my RIGHT ear to test the bolt lock.


JG Bolt Lock specifications

The bolt lock is not recommended for use with high velocity ammunition or hyper velocity ammunition.  The lock is well suited for standard velocity ammunition and subsonic ammunition.  Aguila SSS is not recommended at this time by the manufacturer, however a SSS upgrade may be available in the future.  I tested the Aguila SSS ammo recently with the bolt lock and got VERY favorably sound reduction results.  Do NOT use the factory ejector pin OR the factory hammer bushing.  Use the supplied replacements when installing the lock.  The installation video is at the end of the review.   Here are some pictures of the bolt lock system:


Ruger 10/22 with CCI Standard Velocity

I fired 10 shots suppressed with the CCI ammo.  This test was done as a frame of reference test so one could compare the two ammo types.  The CCI Standard velocity had an average of 114.25dB and an average velocity of 1023.5 feet per second.  The suppressed range was 113-116dB.  In this video you will see the difference between the two ammo types on the meter.  The Aguila 60 grain SSS rounds are over 4.5dB louder.  I believe that the short rounds that the Aguila SSS uses contributes to the extra sound.  The longer cases of the regular CCI Standard velocity rounds contain the fast burning powder longer and produce a better and longer duration chamber to cartridge seal.  The Aguila rounds "pop" louder.   Click the icon to see the video. 

Testing the JG Bolt Lock

I first tested the JG Bolt lock with Aguila SSS rounds.  The test showed that the meter pegged out at over 120dB for the first two shots and the third was 119.  Click the video to see the first test.    This indicated that the bolt lock actually increases the sound picked up by the meter.  My ear was telling me a completely different story.  It was a LOT quieter with the lock engaged.  I moved the meter to test this theory and I was right.  When the meter was placed at my RIGHT ear, the dB level dropped 16dB.  This represents an incredible difference.  Click the video

I tested the bolt lock with CCI Standard Velocity rounds with the meter at my right ear to see if the lock made any difference with regular ammo.  The bolt lock gave a 1.3dB reduction.  This is not a significant amount, but it is notable.  Click the video 

Norrell Integral 10/22 with the JG Bolt Lock

I tested the Norrell 10/22 with the bolt lock.  I had hoped that keeping the bolt closed would lead to an increase in velocity on the ported Norrell 10/22.  This was not the case.  The bolt lock was 1.25dB louder than the weapon was without the bolt lock installed when using the mil-std testing protocol.  See the video here. 


Accuracy Testing and the JG Bolt Lock

I did several accuracy tests from 25 yards with and without the JG Bolt lock.  I tested the 10/22 with Standard Velocity CCI and with Aguila SSS.  I tested the Norrell integral 10/22 as well.  Click the videos to watch the accuracy tests...

    CCI Standard Velocity without bolt lock

    CCI Standard Velocity WITH bolt lock

    Aguila SSS without bolt lock

    Aguila SSS WITH bolt lock

    Norrell Integral without bolt lock

    Norrell Integral WITH bolt lock

The accuracy with the bolt lock engaged suffered from the zero without the bolt lock engaged.  I tested for velocities and did not note any increase in velocity.  I certainly think that a 10/22 can be zeroed for use with the bolt lock engaged. 



I like the JG Bolt lock and have one installed in my hunting 10/22.  The great benefit is that you can chose to use it or not.  If I need an extra quiet shot, I simply engage the lock and fire.  If I need follow up shots, I leave the bolt lock in it's regular position.  See THIS video link to install the lock into your 10/22. 


Here is where to get the JG Bolt lock.  Email Tom Wheeler by clicking his name.


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