Manufacturers Published Numbers and Other Claims

Some manufacturers publish numbers in catalogs and on their websites.  This data may be misleading or contain outright lies.  In over a year and a half of researching silencers and the performance levels they achieve, I have been amazed at some of the information I have discovered on various websites and printed material.  While some manufacturers have chosen the high road and won't put numbers out there, others continue to put out data that is unrepeatable, inaccurate or misleading.  With this sort of fiction floating around for the public to see, its easy to be confused about what it all means.  Al Paulson dedicated an entire chapter in his book (Silencer History and Performance Volume One) called DEBUNKING MYTHS, ARTICLES, AND CLAIMS to address this very issue.  Let me share some of today's examples of these "Claims" with you.

Published Numbers by Manufacturers

Seldom have I found results that were published by manufacturers to be accurate or repeatable.  In almost every case, only a number is given with no additional data.  This makes it impossible to trust or believe what you read on manufacturers websites or in published catalogs.  Often all you see is "Suppression Level" or "Sound Reduction" and a number.  These numbers fail to disclose what weapon was used, what ammunition was used, what was the length of the barrel, what the velocities were, weather conditions, standard used, equipment used for metering, etc...  While many companies don't do these things intentionally, the silencer buying public may have misconceptions about how quiet a particular silencer may be.  Some companies are worse than others about the numbers they publish.  Here are some examples:

The numbers shown by manufacturers simply cannot be taken into consideration when comparing silencers for sound reduction.  Also keep in mind that just because any given manufacturer may not publish reproducible net reduction numbers, does not necessarily mean they produce a poor or inferior product.  The practice of showing favorable numbers on product literature and websites has gone on for years nearly unchecked.  One thing this site will always do is produce numbers that you can expect to get when you buy a silencer.  Here are some points to remember when you look at claims and numbers published on manufactures websites and elsewhere:

Be careful when you are research what silencer to buy.  It could save you thousands of dollars in the long run. 


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