Marvel 1911 Conversion with Suppressor

by Eddie Bausch

I wanted a 22 caliber hand gun that had the size and feel of a full-size center fire pistol.  I narrowed my choices down to a CZ Kadet or the Marvel UNIT 1 22 upper for 1911 frames.  I decided on the Marvel unit primarily because of their accuracy.  

The Marvel upper is an extremely high quality piece with excellent fit and finish.  My unit shipped with a test target fired at 50 yards measuring .702 of an inch.  The sights are tall, robust and have positive “click” adjustments on the rear sight.  The suppressor is not seen through the sight picture at all.  

I had a friend thread the barrel 1/2X28 and mounted my TAC 67 suppressor.  It is a nice looking set up.  Unfortunately, when the unit is suppressed bits of powder come of the rear of the gun and strike the shooter in the face when it is fired.  In an attempt to remedy this problem I increased the weight of the recoil spring and filled the gaps in the rear of the slide with type II silicone caulking.  The caulk helped a bit but powder still makes it out and hits the shooter in the face taking quite a bit of the enjoyment out of using it. Eye protection is an absolute must with this set up!  

I have also experienced quite a few failure to feed malfunctions.  The nose of the bullet hits the top corner of the chamber and wedges in place.  Some careful hand filing and polishing to round the corner a bit have helped but the jams continue.  

The unit is lacking any mechanism to stop it from firing if the slide is not fully in battery.  On a few occasions I have dropped the hammer on a round that is not fully supported by the barrel.  Since I only shoot this gun suppressed I am not wearing any hearing protection.  The noise that is generated when the 22 case splits open is enough to make my ears ring.  My daughter was at the range with me shooting the conversion one day when this happened.  It scared her and we called it a day because of it.   

The other annoyance about the Marvel unit is the Colt Ace magazines it utilizes.  They are a PITA to load.  The thumb tab has sharp edges and becomes down right painful to use after a few mags have been loaded.  The rounds also tend to wedge in place making loading even more difficult.  

After shooting Dan0341’s Kadet,  if I had to do it again I would purchase it.  

I have since sold this unit to a gentleman in Georgia who is very pleased with it. 

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