Al Paulson (right) talking to a Silencer Research Member

Jim Rodgers of Longview Class 3 Arms (sponsor of the Shoot)

Peter Cronhelm aka Expatriot (left) and Eddie Bausch (93)


93's Camp 45 Carbine (Form 1 Silencer)

Al Paulson talking to a Silencer Research Member

April 26, 2008 Shoot Sponsors


Silencer Hosts

Kel of Gemtech (left) and Al Paulson

Silencer Research Owner John Titsworth, Jr setting the meter

Silencer Research Member

Rebecca (who wrote all the numbers down for the shooters)

Getting ready to test

Shooting the Tactical Solutions Mark III Ruger unsuppressed

Silencer Research Owner John Titsworth, Jr.

93's Form 1 Silencer

Al Paulson photographing the testing

Silencer Research Member testing his CZ in 7.62X39

Peter trying out 93's Camp Carbine


Al Paulson signing his books

Zane getting trigger time on my Suppressed full Auto 22 Conversion

Silencer Shoot 2008

Hearing protection required because of range noise on the next range

Silencer Shoot 2008

Suppressed Rifle

Suppressed Rifle

Silencer Research member testing a 308 silencer

Silencer Research Member testing a Kel Tec Rifle with AAC M4 1000

Silencer Research Member testing on a Beretta 70

Silencer Shoot 2008

Silencer Research Member shooting one of Gemtech's new silencers

A happy Al Paulson watching the tests

Silencer Shoot 2008

Peter Cronhelm shooting the MP5 with SWR Trident 9 with 3-Lug Mount

More testing

Gemtech's new Tundra and Multimount side by side

Silencers from Gemtech

Kel from Gemtech

Testing Silencers

Testing Silencers

TD Manufacturing Silent Destroyer 44 Special Carbine being tested by a Silencer Research Member

93 and Expatriot

Silencer Research Members

Testing Silencers

Testing a SRT Arms Silencer on an UZI

Testing a SRT Arms Silencer on an UZI