The following pictures are of a disassembled TAC 67 silencer from Tactical Innovations. This silencer has a stainless blast baffle followed by 4 aluminum baffles.  This silencer is rated for limited full automatic fire while still not being too heavy for a pistol.  This silencer was fired around 1,500-1,700 rounds.  Most of the ammo was CCI Mini-Mags with the exception of some subsonic rounds. 

Baffles and End caps

Baffles with some buildup scraped off by hand

Note the carbon/lead buildup inside the cone

Another baffle with buildup around the hole

Notice the buildup inside the hole

One of the cleaner aluminum baffles

The stainless blast baffle.  Note the carbon/lead buildup

The aluminum baffle behind the stainless one

The carbon/lead buildup on the baffles was impossible to scrape off completely.  I tried to do it, but it was a waste of time.  I ended up scraping a bit too deep and made some lines on the aluminum baffles, nothing that affected performance.  No known soaking agent will remove this buildup completely either.  I cleaned the baffles with glass beads inside of a small blast cabinet.  Here is what they look like cleaned up.

This picture shows the stainless baffle with the mess.  Keep in mind this mess does not include what the bead blasting took off.

Baffle Stack

Below are pictures of the baffles out of the tube stacked in the order they were removed from the silencer.  If you were wondering what they looked like inside of the can, here you go.  The filth represents about 250 rounds fired, 2/3 on full auto. 


The preceding pictures do not represent perfect alignment, but are close.