Why Silencer Research.com?


In the past the methods available to learn about silencers have been dealers, internet message boards, gun website, what your friends might or might not know or what you heard at the gun shop or gun show.  I have made plenty of buying decisions based on this type of information and while sometimes I get the kind of product I want, other times I have been sorely disappointed. 


Internet chat rooms or message boards offer a lot to help educate us about the ins and outs of buying federally restricted and regulated items like machine guns and silencers.  What they also propagate is volumes of biased, incorrect or incomplete information.  For example silencertalk.com (formerly silencertests.com) is owned and operated by an employee of Advanced Armament Corp.    This is certainly not done intentionally in most cases, but can lead a person to buy a product that may or may not fit his or her needs.  Many people recommend a silencer simply because they own that model, which may not take into consideration the needs of others.  Alternatively, people buy another product from the same manufacturer because the other one from that manufacturer was great.  While logical, this may be impractical as there might be a better product produced by another manufacturer.  Also manufacturers often stretch the truth or worse in attempting to market the products they sell.  See THIS link for more information about manufacturers claims and numbers. 


One main concern with buying a silencer is the fact that they have little or no resale value in the aftermarket.  This is due to the $200 transfer tax that must be paid EACH TIME the silencer changes hands.  If you were going to sell your 22 silencer that you paid $300 for to a resident in another state, you would first have to pay a $200 tax to get the silencer to a dealer in that residents state then that resident will have to pay ANOTHER $200 tax to get the silencer.  The dealer would likely charge something like $50 to $100 for this service.  The resident of the other state would be much better off buying from his stocking dealer than trying to buy your used silencer across state lines.  Even if you sold your silencer for half of what you paid for it to the resident of the other state, (with the buyer paying the transfer fees) he would have spent more money to buy a used silencer as he would have spent buying a brand new one.  Other scenarios can be even bleaker. 


YOU                                                  Other Resident

1.  $300     Price of the 22 Silencer        1.  $150     Used Silencer

2.  $200     Transfer tax to ATF             2.  $200     Transfer Tax #1 

3.  $ 24     Sales Tax                           3.  $200     Transfer Tax #2

4.  $524     Total                                 4.  $100     Dealer Fee

                                                        5.  $650     Total (used silencer)


Even if you GAVE the other resident the silencer he would still be much better off to buy a new one from his dealer.  This is one of the many reasons why buying the silencer that best fits your needs THE FIRST TIME is of utmost importance. 

Everyone wants to know what the “best” or “quietest” silencer is.  There is no legitimate answer to that question.  It would be like asking “what is the best car”?  There are too many variables involved in that question.  That’s what’s known as a “loaded question.”  Some weapons work better with some silencers than with others.  Silencer research will endeavor to bring this information to light. 

Silencers of all makes and models (within reason) will be tested at our test facility here in Arkansas.  I will be testing year round and would like to test your silencers if you can stop by my facility (make an appointment first!).  Silencer Research will report the facts and will not sugar coat the results or make any attempt to pacify a manufacturer who’s products don’t perform well or as advertised.  This is the ONLY way that a person can get a clear and true picture of what any given silencer does on any particular platform. 


While I don’t think manufacturers or dealers lie to sell products, they do, in many cases, stretch the truth, use clever language, and dance around the hard questions.  While I certainly don’t begrudge any manufacturer or dealer for trying to sell products, I think most consumers of silencer products would like to see what the results of extensive tests are before buying a product they will be undoubtedly stuck with for life.


Often times a person only looks at the cost involved with buying the suppressor and doesn’t realize that getting the host platform/weapon set up to accept the silencer can also be expensive.  This is especially true of pistols.  When practical, Silencer Research will bring these costs to light.


A properly calibrated Bruel and Kjaer 2209 Precision Impulse sound meter will be used to obtain dB readings.  The meter will be calibrated with a 4220 B&K pistonphone before and after each and every official test session  A video camera focused on the meter will ALWAYS be present on official tests and will provide proof of each reading.  All testing sessions will be videotaped as well.  In addition to the above, a chronograph will be utilized to show bullet speeds.  In some tests accuracy and POI shift will be examined and shown via video camera. 

2007 Certificates    2008 Certificates: Click the icon to see the meter certification sheets.


A host of pictures and vital information will also be available for members to browse through.  Also members will not only be welcome to test their own weapons and silencers at my facility, but members who have test ideas are more than welcome to submit them to Silencer Research.  If the suppressor/weapon platform is on hand, I can complete a test in a few hours for the member, and post the results.


Silencer Research gives you exclusive access to reviews that are not available anywhere else in the world.  You will also gain access to private forums where you can ask questions and discuss silencers and silencer related items.  These forums will be populated civilians like yourself and with industry professionals from all over the world.  While there are other forums available on the internet to discuss silencers on, they are usually filled with dealers and manufacturers trying to push products even if they don't fit your needs, or will only let manufacturers post who pay thousands of dollars a year for posting privileges.  At Silencer Research, manufacturers join for free.  All of them fully understand that the products they produce can and will be tested and the results will be posted without bias.  Our forums absolutely, positively, WILL NOT allow bashing of manufacturers, from another manufacturer or member.  This practice is undertaken on a continuous basis on other boards and it won't be tolerated here.  Anyone who bashes anyone will be ejected from the forum on the first offense and will never be allowed back on the website for any reason (no refunds either!).  This fosters a healthy, peaceful, learning environment instead of discontent, discord and drama. 


I will be working with manufacturers all over the United States to bring you the best possible unbiased product reviews available, complete with pictures, tutorials, and videos of the tests including the now famous "meter cam."  Members will be able to have dialogue with behind the scenes industry professionals on private message forums.  This website will never be an infomercial for any manufacturer, and we have no plans to accept money for advertising.  That means you will never see a "gun rag" write up on this website.  You are entitled to the truth without the hype.


Silencer Research.com is for law abiding civilians who want to learn about silencers in the privacy of their own homes.  We provide honest, useful, practical information so people can decide for themselves what silencers fit their needs.  Silencer Research is an advocate of the consumer, not the manufacturer.  ALL NFA RULES APPLY!